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Google Ads und Facebook/Instagram Ads + Email Marketing

We have been working with Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram Ads for many years. The success rate is very high every month, from which all sides can only benefit.
A large number of FTDs can be generated every month, and the turnover per month increases many times over. With the ads, a large number of individual campaigns can be switched, so that each target group can be perfectly addressed.

The number of our campaigns continues to increase, as more and more of our partners / customers recognize the advantage of ads campaigns.

+ Email Marketing

For some time now we have also been able to send promotional emails to more than 150,000 casino players in Europe. We can also offer email marketing for some countries outside of Europe.
Thanks to a new marketing partner, we are now able to send your personal advertising emails to new potential players. The first few weeks already show that the email traffic is very high and that we have already been able to generate a lot of FTD’s.
An email campaign usually runs for 14 days. Because a certain number of emails are always sent daily. We can offer email marketing at fixed prices. If you are interested, please contact us.


Our guarantee

If it happens that the ads campaign is not successful and too little sales were generated, you have the guarantee that we will repeat the campaign completely and that we will cover 100% of the costs.

Here are some important questions we get very often

On which platforms can the campaigns be run?

The campaigns can currently be placed on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.
Telegram is still new and under construction.

On which GEO can the campaigns be run?

We can supply all GEO worldwide with traffic. We have no limits.

Can we create landing pages for campaigns?

We can create a landing page for your brand. Because some tracking links are not suitable for ads. But we will check this before the campaign starts.

How many websites do you have?

We currently have 3 active websites. And 24 forwarding websites. More websites will follow in the next few months.

Can you show stats and earnings from other campaigns?

We can send you some data via Skype or email.

How high are the costs?

First we always do an ads analysis for all your brands. Then we create a campaign test and send it to you. In the campaign test, all GEO and costs are listed.

How is the payment made?

The full payment for the campaign must be sent to the provider in advance, otherwise this type of advertising will not be possible.
Depending on the size of your campaign, we will contribute to the total cost of the ads. (Up to 50.00% participation)

The ads campaigns are debited daily via the credit card from the eWallet.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Skrill, EcoPayZ and Bank Transfer.

Do I get an invoice for the campaign order?

You will receive an invoice from us. Everything that is important for your campaign is listed in the invoice. And what services we will provide in the given time. The invoice also serves as a contract between the two parties.

How soon can the campaign start after payment?

As a rule, the campaign starts 2 working days after receipt of payment. Depending on the country of the sender, the receipt of payment can take up to 7 working days.

Can a campaign also be extended after the time has expired?

A campaign can run for a maximum of 8 weeks at a time. After that, the campaign can be extended again and again at any time.

How many active campaigns do you have at the moment?

We currently have 23 active campaigns running. (As of 08/29/2021)
We treat all partners neutrally and anonymously. As long as there is no consent from the partner. Because of the basic data protection provision.

Active Ads Campaigns

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Total Ads Campaigns since Start

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Active Email Campaigns

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Total Email Campaigns since Start

Last update: 18.10.2021


If we have now aroused your interest and you want us to advance your brands and put them on the road to success, contact us by email or Skype.

We usually answer you within 24 hours. Even on weekends. We are always available for our partners.

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